Overseas Adventures with the Ghost Riders or with your own group

Over the past 6 years the Ghostriders have completed no less than 14 overseas adventure challenges.Almost 200 people have participated in these adventures. Some of the locations that stand out particularly are

From small beginnings big things can often grow. When we completed our first overseas challenge in 2006 I did not realise that this would become such a big part of my life. These trips have now developed a life of their own and I now have many more trips under development for the years ahead.

I am now in a position to use the experience that I have gained from planning and leading the Ghostrider trips to assist other groups develop adventures of their own. You don't necessarily have to have a large group. In fact, groups can be as small as 4 participants and can involve a range of activities and levels of difficulty. The list of possible destinations is almost endless, taking in every continent on the planet (yes, even Antarctica). No matter what your age or degree of fitness might be, there are still plenty of adventures out there, just waiting for you to step out and experience them.

If you think you would like to join one of our adventures or form a group of your own, feel free to call me on 03 5968 3307 to discuss some of the possibilities. Life is too short to live with regrets and who knows where that first step might end up taking you ?


If you would like more information about some of our previous trips you could follow the links below:

April 2006 - Tiger Leaping Gorge Cycle Trip - China HERE
April 2007 - Second Tiger Leaping Gorge Trip HERE.
April 2008 - Limestone Trail Bike Ride - China HERE
March 2009 - Himalaya Trek to Kopra Ride (2 groups) HERE

April 2009 - Discover India Trip
April 2009 - Cambodia Discovery Trip
Aug/Sep 2009 - European Cycle Trip
Sep/Oct 2010 - South America Challenge HERE
April 2012 - Ghostriders Under African skies - Here

Most of us never realise just what we are capable of achieving until we are put to the test - than what an amazing feeling of accomplishment you get when the goal is achieved. It might not be as spectacular as climbing Mt Everest, but for each of us there is our own "Everest" to conquer. For some it might be the first time overseas or the first time exposed to a different culture. All adventures combine a physical challenge with an emotional challenge - but the rewards can be life changing.

In all of our overseas tours (almost) everything is provided, including air fares, accomodation, most meals, bicycle hire, support vehicle, expert guide, etc. The cost is remarkably inexpensive when you consider what you get for the money.

So many spend all their lives dreaming of taking an adventure but then spend even longer thinking of reasons why they can't do it. Step out of the comfort zone and do something that could change your life forever.

Contact me NOW on 03 5968 3307 or e-mail dennisdawson@netspace.net.au for more information and travel itineraries, etc

Previous Overseas Cycling Tours

John and Kerry Dawson cycle the Vietnam Hill Country - December 2005

Some images from John and Kerry's recent Vietnam Alpine Ride.
Images from our First Great China Ride - April 2006