Ghost Riders - Bendigo Chapter
New Riders always welcome

The Bendigo chapter of the Ghost Riders consists of an active group of riders who enjoy at least twice weekly rides around the Bendigo area. The Bendigo Ghost riders go out most Saturdays and Mondays.

 Ride times vary according to weather conditions and local Bendigo bike events so for Mountain Bike ride details please ring Colin Flitton 0419 505 679 or contact him via e mail on

For Road bike rides please ring Eddie Barkla 03 5440 5831 BH from the Bendigo Cycling Network or contact via him e mail on


Colin Flitton - Co-ordinator of the Bendigo Ghost Riders


The mountain bike group ride at the pace of the slowest rider and try to encourage each other as much as possible. Any interested cyclists in the Bendigo area are invited to join us on any of our rides. From time to time it is anticipated that we will arrange combined rides with the Melbourne Ghost Riders group.






Two of the trails we often use are detailed below:

O’Keefe Rail Trail


East of Bendigo, 150km from Melbourne

Bendigo (Lake Weeroona) to Axedale (McIvor Hwy)

Length open:


The trail traverses box-ironbark and Yellow Gum woodland, and there are plenty of wildflowers including orchids in bloom in spring. Lots of spring loaded gates. the railway line used to connect Bendigo and Heathcote Junction, on the Melbourne-Sydney railway line, so there is a chance the rail trail may one day do the same (with a diversion around Lake Eppalock).


Great Dividing Trail

This walking trail is made up of 4 sections -

·                                 The Lerderberg Track (Bacchus Marsh to Daylesford: 71km)

·                                 Federation Track (Ballarat to Daylesford: 72km)

·                                 Dry Diggings Track (Daylesford to Castlemaine: 57km)

·                                 Leanganook Track (Castlemaine to Bendigo: 58km)

Although the trail is designed for walkers only, it has been noted that a considerable and increasing number of mountain bike riders are using the GDT. Some sections of the trail, particularly on the specially constructed steeper and narrower paths including water races, are not suitable for cyclists. Colin can vouch for this from personal experience! (Gravel (Granite) rash)


Coming Rides

Contact Colin Flitton for latest information on upcoming rides.


For information on any of the above events, contact Colin Flitton (details at the top of this page).