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If you are looking for some useful cycling links, then this might be a good place to start.


Australia's Rail Trails - This is a fantastic resource for information about Australia's growing network of Rail Trails. A literal feast of information awaits you.

Murray to the Mountains - A special site devoted to the 94 km rail trail from Wangaratta to Bright. It is 94 km and a sealed surface ALL the way !!! Even longer if you take the additional offshoot to Beechworth.

Bike Paths - The ideal place to start looking for information on the best bike paths around Victoria. Also has a comprehensive list of riding links.

Bicycle Victoria - This is the ultimate reference for information relating to cycling in Victoria. A good place to spend a few hours searching.

Bicycling Australia - A great general source of bicycle information and also a good source of bike classifieds.

Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club - A good source of ride information, especially if you are looking for a lot of shorter, social rides.

Vancouver Bicycle Club - Read about cycling events in Canada. We even have an official Warby Ghost Rider who is completing her residency with this club. Since we have a link on their web site we could even regard them as our "sister club".

Russian Cycle Touring Club This is an interesting site with lots of news and stories about cycling in Russia. It even has a story about a couple of their members who did a ride in Australia. A good read. I have also exchanged e-mails with them. Maybe they will become our first "sister club" in Russia.

Bike Asia - very professional adventure travel company offering great value cycling tours through China, Mongolia, Tibet, Japan, Laos, Nepal, Borneo and Cambodia. As used by the Ghost Riders in our 2006, 2007 and 2008 China Rides.


Shimano - the place to spend a few minutes drooling over cycling accessories and what to spend your money on, but don't tell your wife !!!

How to Repair Your Bike - This useful site has a great deal of useful guides for performing most basic bike repairs. A good way to spend a few hours reading and learning. All instructions are amply illustrated.

Gripsport - Australian business that specialises in unique products for cycling and also in a wide range of frame repairs. Situated in the rolling hills of Research, outside Melbourne.

Recumbant Bikes - If you are fascinated or horrified by the idea of a recumbant bike, you might like to read some more about them by checking out this site.

Creaks, Clicks and Groans -How to locate and fix those annoying noises on your bike.


Torpedo 7 - Internet based business selling bicycle accessories and clothing at hugely discounted prices. Based in NZ, the company ships goods directly to Australia. Some really amazing prices. Well worth a look.

Dean Woods Direct - A great range of products at very competitive prices. All available by purchase over the Internet. They also give very good advice to the inexperienced rider.

LeTour Cycles - Wide range of cycles and accessories for all those in the Ringwood/Mitcham area. Plenty of off street parking available.

Chain Reaction Cycles Based in Ireland. Generally very competitive prices but depending on the order value, shipping costs can be high so we often combine orders with friends.

Probike Kit Based in the UK and only supplies road gear, but often has great prices when on sale.

Bicycle Outfitters Indy Based in the US. Was quite cheap until the A$ fell recently!

Phantom Cycles Based in NSW. Outstanding service, very competitive prices and often stocks hard-to-get items. After taking overseas shipping costs into account, Phantom can often work out cheaper than the UK & US stores, plus the service we have had from them is fantastic.

Ground Effect Clothing Broad range of cycling clothing for men and women.




If any of our riders have other suggestions for useful links, why not e-mail me or leave a message on our noticeboard.

Upcoming Rides & Activities (or download full calendar here)

  • Thurs July 30th - alternate Thursday ride - start at FTG at 10 am
  • Saturday Aug 1st - Saturday morning Social Ride - start at Chesterfield Farm at 10 am
  • Thurs Aug 6th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 10 am
  • Sat 8th and Sun 9th August - Social Weekend in Echuca - Train from Melbourne
  • Thurs August 13th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Blackburn Lake at 10 am
  • Sat 15th August - Dan's Mystery Ride - start at Lilydale Lake at 10 am
  • Thurs August 20th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 10 am
  • Sat August 22nd - Saturday Morning Social Ride - start at Pakenham at 10 am
  • Tues August 25th - Ghostriders 2015 European Rides start
  • Thurs August 27th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Malvern East at 10 am
  • Sun August 30th - Upper Yarra Dam Ride - start at Launching Place Pub at 10 am

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Rider List
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Overseas Adventure Challenges

Click HERE for 2006 China Ride
Click HERE for 2007 China Ride
Click HERE for 2008 China Ride
Click HERE for our 2009 Himalayan Challenge and pictures
Click HERE for the 2009 Danube Ride Story
Click HERE for some pictures of the 2010 South America Challenge
2011 Ulm to Vienna Ride - see the video on YouTube
2011 Prague to Dresden - video available soon
Click HERE for the 2012 Under African Skies Story
2012 Under African Skies - African Safari (completed)
2012 "Turkish Delights" Adventure (completed)
2012 "Greek Odyssey" Adventure (completed)
2013 French Revolutions - Cycling Trip (completed)
2013 Bhutan - Land of the Thunder Dragon -completed
2013 Thailand - Burma Railway Cycle - completed
2014 New Zealand South Island - completed
2014 Scandinavia Ride in Finland and Sweden - completed
2015 Italy Ride (full)
2015 Loire Valley Cycle from Orleans to the Atlantic (full)
2016 Bruges to Amsterdam by bike and barge (full)
2016 Donaueschingen to Passau (full)
2016 Passau to Vienna (full)
2016 Vienna to Budapest (full)
2017 Turkey Panorama


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