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Our Current Riders (last updated May 2014)

List of active 2014 riders and order of joining. The list reflects those riders who are currently actively involved in the Ghostriders. There are many other "inactive" riders who may renew their status by participating in more rides during the year. There are also quite a few riders who have qualified for being a "Ghostrider" but who have asked to be recognised.

Dennis Dawson 1 - organiser
John Seamons 2 - honorary member
Bob "Crasher" Lewis 3 - elder statesman
Mal Doswell 4
Warren Billson 5
Lothar Rockman 14
Marg Jones 22
Alan "Big Al" Field 26
Mal Bowmaker 32
Jon Bate 34
Glenda Wise 41
Steve Warburton 48
Paul Barnard 52
Bob "Banjo" Patterson 56
Kevin "Big Kev" Henley 57
Noel Wolstencroft 58
Peter Booth 59
Tom Partel 60
Werner Kotnic 62
Gael Dryssen 65
Linda House 70
Bob Andrews 71
Joan Horton 73
John "Tweety" Bird 74
Connie Dekter 78
Bernie "Vegie" Peeler 82
Hank Van Trojen 84
Michael Poods 86
Juri Dekter 88
Dennis Wilson 90
David McMorran 92
Caroline Peeler 94

Geoff James 96
Karen Brown 97
David Brown 98
Alan Ward 99
Dan Price 101 - King of the Trail for 2014
Janna Thompson 102
Rick Coxhill 104
Lionel Rex 105
Keith Hutton 106
Danny Kirka 107
Kerrie Kirka 108

Ross Luke 109
David Stokes 110
Jenny Field 111
Gonny Rundell 112
John Rundell 113
Paul Coutts 114

Ian Lawther 115
Carolyn Tudor 116 -
Steve Wilson 117
Pascale Turvey 118
Leonie de Lacey 119
Trish Magee 120

Tony Hersbach 121
Anita Winter 122
Will McKeown 123
Jurgen Weller 124
Terry Edema 125
David Yates 126
Leo Buyck 127
Brian Lee 128

Steve Lynn 129
Kerri Macdonald 130
Ann Longridge 131
Gordon Longridge 132


Total Active Riders: 61

Currently Inactive Riders
Darryl O'Grady 7
John Dawson 12
Brendan Noone 16
Phil Jones 23
Bob Leedham 36
Michael Litchfield 37
Chris McKay 25
- moved
Marysia Murray 30 - moved
Lisa Barstow 27
Phil "Warby Phil" Wallens 31
Vivienne Sandler 42 - interstate
Linton Harriss 43
- interstate
Phil Hession 46
Terry Drummy 47
Andrew Dunne 38
Richard Kempster 51
Geoff Vigar 53
Russell Lloyd 54

Heather Allen 55
Helen Riethof 68
Wendy Miller 76
Brian Cooper 79
Glen Campbell 95
Lynda Farley 100

Lance Noonan 103

Riders who are inactive for an extended period are eventually removed from the list.

Other Cycling Groups :

Colin Flitton - organiser

Northern Suburbs
Russell Drowley - organiser

Richard Dodd - organiser

Some of the Faces You Might See on Our Rides

Dennis "Smoky"Dawson The brains of this organization and also the one who does all the work. After nine years of riding, still enjoys going downhill better than going uphill. The proud owner of 8 bikes, including his prized $120 Chinese HASA and his $129 Aldi Road Bike.
John "Hooters" Seamons rides regularly (at least twice a year), but no further than 12 km at any one time.
Bob "Crasher" Lewis  His body contains the remnants of what was once a REAL rider. Now spends most of his time falling off his plastic fantastic and dreaming about winning the elusive "National Titles". Has broken dozens of bones during his riding career (mostly of other riders). Definitely seen better days.
Mal Doswell  Can be a good rider, but more inclined to come down with "Doswell's Disorder" during a ride and bolt into the distance. Often promises to attend a ride and then disappears. Self discipline is a concept he fails to understand.
Daryl O'Grady
The Campagnolo Kid. Like Bob, keeps reminiscing about his exploits back in the bicycle dreamtime. Staged a monumental crash on our 2007 Great China Ride. Returned to the saddle to successfully complete our 2009 European Ride.
John "Little John"Dawson
One of the hardest working riders in the group. This guy just loves a challenge and is scared of nothing. Suffers a little on the hills but loves to power along the flats for long periods. Completed our 2006 Great China Ride.
Lothar Rockman
Has special permission from his Nursing home to ride with us. Completes about 400km per week and could ride the legs off most guys only half his age. (But then again, not many people are old enough to be half his age). Completed our 2006 Great China Ride and the 2009 Danube Ride.

"Dr Phil" Jones . A very competitive cyclist and a great asset to the group. Previous King of the Trail. Completed the 2007 Great China Ride.

Marg Jones - A capable cyclist who recently completed the 2010 South America Challenge.
Chris ("Doc")McKay - Chris is a keen member of the peloton who always rides with determination and pace. Completed the 2006 Great China Ride.
Alan Field (aka "Big Al") One of the keenest riders in the group and improving with every ride. Has dropped about 70 kg of weight.
Lisa Barstow completed the 2006 & 2008 Great China Rides and hasn't looked back since. Always has a ready smile and an encouraging comment.
Marysia Murray - joined as part of our 2006 Great China Ride but now an integral part of the team.We don't see her very much lately because of work commitments.
Mal Bowmaker - a keen rider. Works hard and always has a ready smile.A regular attender at rides and bushwalks.

Jon "Gentleman Jon" Bate always a keen and competitive rider who recently completed the 2007 Great China Ride. King of the Warby Trail for 2010.
Bob "2 Bob" Leedham - this guy is a real competitor who does not like to be beaten. Once he gets in front of you, it is unlikely he will be passed. Completed the 2007 Great China Ride.
Micheal "Mega Mike"Litchfield - a giant of a man in the peloton, signed up for the 2007 Great China Ride and our 2009 Nepal Challenge.
Andrew Dunne - very keen rider who regularly clocks up up high weekly totals, especially when he is not nursing a "dickie knee".Completed the 2008 Great China Ride. Recently missing in action.
Glenda Wise Previous Queen of the Trail. Completed the 2007 & 2008 Great China Rides and also the 2009 Nepal Challenge. Soon to participate in both our 2011 Africa and Turkey Adventures.
Vivienne Sandler A keen and competitive cyclist. Completed the 2007 Great China Ride and the 2009 Nepal Challenge..
Linton Harriss A great guy to have a chat to during a ride. Completed the 2007 Great China Ride and the 2009 Nepal Challenge..
Terry Drummy - joined us during 2006 and seems to be really enjoying his riding. With such a skinny body he should be able to make quick improvement and lengthen his rides.
Steve Warburton - There's not much of him so he can fly up the steepest hills.
PIC NOT AVAILABLE Paul Barnard - built like a wippet and a great man in the peloton. Completed the 2008 Great China Ride and the 2009 Nepal Challenge.
Geoff Vigar - started riding with us early in 2007 and has been a keen participant ever since.
Russell Lloyd - another keen graduate from the MOBS group. A very able and cheerful rider. Completed the 2009 Danube Ride.
PIC NOT AVAILABLE Bob "Banjo" Patterson - an experienced cyclist and a well mannered quiet gentleman of the peloton. Has worked or lived in just about every country on the planet. Currently mountain biking in Canada.
Kevin Henley - I used to think this guy was quiet until I got to know him on the 2007 Great China Ride. An experienced and capable cyclist. Also completed the 2009 Nepal Challenge. Recently cyclced across the Tibetan Plateau while frozen solid and fast asleep.
Noel Wolstencroft -built like a jockey (50 kg dripping wet) so able to fly up the hills without effort. Completed the 2007 Great China Ride, the 2009 Nepal Challenge and the 2009 Danube Ride.
Peter "Billy" Booth- always cheerful and our resident expert on all things fungal.
Tom Partel one of our oldest riders but rides about 500 km a week and always bolts off the front. Migrates north every winter and returns at the start of summer.
Werner Kotnic - very competitive and probably the lightest rider in the group
Gael Driessen- A pleasure to have on any ride Completed the 2008 Great China Ride and the 2009 Nepal Challenge. Soon to participate in both the 2012 Under African Skies and 2012 Turkish Delights Adventures.
Linda House- a valued member of the petticoat peloton. Completed the 2009 Nepal Challenge and the 2010 South America Challenge. Will be completing the 2013 French Revolutions Challenge.
PIC NOT AVAILABLE Bob Andrews - always keen and a regular attender at Thursday rides. Completed the 2010 South America Challenge and soon to take part in the 2011 Africa and Turkey adventures. Current King of the Trail.
John "Tweety" Bird very keen and regular rider in our Thursday rides. Resident expert on the Warby Trail.
Connie Dekter rides a diminutive folding bike but a very keen rider with a keen sense of humour. A great asset to any peloton.
  Bernie "Vegie" Peeler a keen rider with a lively sense of humour. Rides whenevr he can.
Hank Van Trojen don't be fooled, this guy might look like Colonel Blimp but he can ride like the wind.
  Michael Poods only started riding relatively recently but has made great progress. He really enjoys being a part of our group. Completed the 2009 Danube Ride.
Dennis Wilson - a very keen rider and recently completed the 2010 Peru Ride.
David McMorran -keen and cheerful rider who really enjoys his cycling
  Caroline Peeler - partner of Bernie, a quiet achiever who has been steadily accumulating rides
Glen Campbell - He's got a famous namesake but this Glen can't sing - only ride like the wind. A long time cyclist from the Eastern Vets Club.
  Geoff James - I don't know how, but this guy has been riding with us for ages without being officially recognised with a number of his own. He likes to ride long solo rides and clocks up an enormous number of km each week.
Karen Brown Another who has slipped in under the radar. Anyone who can complete a marathon ride right around Australia is certainly welcome in our group. Recently completed the 2011 Danube Ride.
David Brown - also completed ride around Australia. A cheerful rider and a valued part of our group. Recently completed the 2011 Danube Ride.
  Alan Ward -recently retired from his vetinary practice and now keen to get fit. A regular attender on both Tuesday and Thursday activities.
  Lynda Farley - joined the Ghostriders to participate in the 2011 European ride. A very capable cyclist and a cheerful member of the peloton.
  Dan Price - a very experienced rider who can ride up hills without raising a sweat. A very helpful and cheerful rider. Always willing to help with planning or advice.
  Janna Thompson - lives in Clifton Hills but still participates in as many rides as she can. Completed our 2011 European Ride.
  Lance Noonan - Rides whenever he can get the chance. Aiming to improve on fitness and become a better rider.
  Paul Coutts - A quiet and capable rider, a pleasure to have him in the peloton.


Upcoming Rides & Activities (or download full calendar here)

  • Thurs July 30th - alternate Thursday ride - start at FTG at 10 am
  • Saturday Aug 1st - Saturday morning Social Ride - start at Chesterfield Farm at 10 am
  • Thurs Aug 6th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 10 am
  • Sat 8th and Sun 9th August - Social Weekend in Echuca - Train from Melbourne
  • Thurs August 13th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Blackburn Lake at 10 am
  • Sat 15th August - Dan's Mystery Ride - start at Lilydale Lake at 10 am
  • Thurs August 20th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 10 am
  • Sat August 22nd - Saturday Morning Social Ride - start at Pakenham at 10 am
  • Tues August 25th - Ghostriders 2015 European Rides start
  • Thurs August 27th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Malvern East at 10 am
  • Sun August 30th - Upper Yarra Dam Ride - start at Launching Place Pub at 10 am

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Rider List
A list of current riders and their numbers

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