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Weekday Ride Stories

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If you would like to find out a little of what normally happens in our weekly rides, simply read the accounts of some recent rides below.........

Thurs 8th April 2010 In Which You Could See Us from the Moon

Thurs 17th Dec 2009 In Which Seventeen Soggy Santas Spread Some Smiles
Thurs 3rd Dec 2009 In Which the Wind Sucks
Thurs 22nd Oct 2009
In Which Unity Triumphs
Thurs 15th Oct 2009 In Which Even Noah Stayd Home
Thurs 8th Oct 2009 In Which the Peloton is Splintered
Thurs 6th Aug 2009
In Which a Mystery is Finally Solved
Thurs 30th July 2009
In Which Cracker Comes Back
Thurs 16th July 2009
In Which Bev Turns 89
Thurs 9th July 2009- In Which Sun Swells the Peloton
Thurs 2nd July 2009 In Which Werner Gets a Weally Wobbly Wheel Thurs 25th June 2009 In Which the peloton is Plagued by a Proliferating Plethora of Perforating Punctures
Thurs 11th June 2009 In Which our Noses Run While we Ride
Thurs 4th June 2009 In Which we Embrace Winter
Thurs May 28th 2009 In Which the President Pulls the Pin
Thurs May 21st 2009 In Which Real Ghosts Appear
Thus 19th Feb 2009 In Which an Annus Horribilis turns into an Annus Bloodycatastrophicus
Thurs 12th Feb 2009 On Which we all Turn Lebanese (I really think so) Thur 5th Feb 2009 In Which the Temperature Rises
Thurs 29th Jan 2009
In Which Even the Mad Dogs Stayed Home
Thur 22nd Jan 2009 In Which It Almost Finished Before It Began
Thurs 15th Jan 2009
In Which Smokin Joe Turns 83
Thurs 8th Jan 2009
In Which Rampaging Reptiles Run Rampant
Thur 1st Jan 2009 - In Which the Shop had no Coffee
Thur 18th Dec 2008 In Which It's Christmas on the Trail
Thurs 11th Dec 2008
In Which Petticoats Proliferate in the Penultimate Peloton
Thurs 4th Dec 2008 In Which the President Stayed Home
Thurs 27th Nov 2008 In Which we do it in the Twilight
Thurs 13th Nov -2008 In Which Russell Reveals His Risque Side
Thurs 6th Nov 2008
In Which we Meet an Ancient Superhero
Thurs 30th Oct 2008 In Which Reptiles Run Rampant
Thurs 23rd Oct 2008 In Which 6 do the Full Monty
Thurs 16th Oct 2008
In Which It's all Happening
Thur 9th Oct 2008 In Which Absolutely Nothing Happened
Thurs 2nd Oct 2008
In Which Size Matters
Thur 25th Sep 2008 In Which Crasher Gatecrashes
Thurs Sep 18th 2008
In Which the President Gets Pooped on
Thurs Sep 11th 2008 In Which New recruits Shine
Thur Sep 4th 2008 In Which Avian Hormones Run Wild
Thur Aug 28th 2008 In Which Jo Turns 75
Thurs July 31st 2008 In Which the Prodigal Sun returns
Thurs July 24th 2008 In Which an Indian Summer Arrives
Thurs July 17th 2008 In Which Patience Pays
Thurs July 10th 2008 In Which Many are Cold but Few are Frozen
Thur July 3rd 2008 In Which Our Eyes Don't Deceive Us
Thurs June 12th 2008 In Which the Force comes Out in Force
Thurs June 5th 2008 In Which the Fungi Fight Back
Thurs May 29th 2008
In Which a Treemendous Catastrophe Occurs
Thurs May 22nd 2008 In Which COGS is Busting out all over
Thurs May 1st 2008 In Which we Get a Pleasant Surprise
Thurs 24th April 2008 In Which an Evil Premonition Comes True
Thurs 17th April 2008 In Which the Downhill goes Uphill
Thurs 10th April 2008 In Which I return to the Peloton
Thur 13th March 2008 In Which Global Warming Hits Home
Thur 6th March 2008 In Which the Bermuda Triangle Moves to Warburton
Thur 21st Feb 2008 In Which Heather Brings Her Bionic Leg
Thur 14th Feb 2008 In Which Steve Shows His Skill
Thur 31st Jan 2008 In Which I Could Not Believe my Eyes
Thurs 24th Jan 2008
In Which the President Comes Unstuck
Thur 17th Jan 2008 In Which we Encounter Miss December and the Voodoo Dofunny
Thursday 10th Jan 2008 - ride cancelled due to heat
Thursday 3rd Jan 2008 In Which we Can't Trust the Forecasts
Thurs 8th Nov 2007
In Which Summer Draws Nigh
Thurs 1st Nov 2007 In Which Crasher Comes Back (Yet Again)
Thur 25th Oct 2007 In Which we do the Snail Slalem
Thurs 27th Sep 2007
In Which Fear Strikes the Peloton
Thurs 20th Sep 2007 In Which Paul Gets Stung
Thurs 13th Sep 2007 In Which we see PINK !
Thurs 6th Sep 2007
- In Which Tight Cleats Get Revenge
Thurs 30th Aug 2007 In Which Hooters Pays a Rare Visit
Thurs 23rd Aug 2007 In Which Goldie does a Dossie
Thurs 16th Aug 2007 In Which Revival Takes Place
Thurs 9th Aug 2007 In Which we get Blown Away
Thurs 2nd Aug 2007 In Which Duncan Stages a Comeback
Thurs 26th July In Which the HWG's Get US Again
Thurs 19th July 2007 - In Which all but the Silly Stay Home
Thurs 12th July 2007 In Which The Brass Monkeys Needed Counselling
Thurs 28th June 2007 - In Which Jon is Glad he is NOT a Brass Monkey
Thurs 21st June 2007 In Which the Winter Solstice Slays the Peloton
Thurs 24th May 2007 In Which Wicked Wobblers Wuin Our Wide
Thurs 17th May 2007 In Which Andrew Embtaces the Wetness
Thurs 22nd March 2007
In Which Bagga Comes Unstuck
Thurs 8th March 2007 In Which Day Follows Night
Thur 1st March 2007
In Which the Warbies Rush to the Rescue
Thurs 22nd Feb 2007
In Which Summer Finally Draws to a Close
Thurs 15th Feb 2007 In Which Ghost Rider Park is Announced
Thurs 8th Feb 2007 In Which 4 New Riders earn their Jerseys
Thurs 1st Feb 2007 part 1 In Which we all see Double
Thurs 1st Feb 2007 part 2In Which Some did it in the Dark
Thurs 25th Jan 2007
In Which Glenda Comes Unstuck
Thurs 18th Jan 2007 In Which we Rode the Warby Trail (I think)
Thurs 11th Jan 2007 In Which Heat Stress Factures the Peloton
Thurs 4th Jan 2007
In Which Peter is Scratched from the Ride
Thurs 14th Dec 2006
In Which we all go Troppo
Thurs 7th Dec 2006 In Which we Achieve Perfection (well almost)
Thurs 30th Noc 2006 In Which the Warbies are Exposed
Thurs 23rd Nov 2006 In Which My Mind Went Blank
Thurs 9th Nov 2006 - In Which Gary Retires at 52 Not Out !
Thurs 26th Oct 2006 In Which we are Attacked by a GIANT SNAKE
Thurs 19th Oct 2006 In Which Big Al Makes a Comeback
Thur 12th Oct 2006 In Which Things Heat Up
Thurs 5th Oct 2006 In Which Ross brings his POP along
Thurs 28th Sep 2006
In Which I Look back in History
Thurs 21st Sep 2006
In Which we see a Virtual Bicycle
Thurs 14th Sept 2006 In Which Heat expands the Peloton
Thurs 7th Sep 2006
In Which I Experience the First Burst of Spring
Thursday 31st Aug 2006 In Which we Farewell Winter
Thursday 24th August 2006 In Which Chaos Rules Supreme
Thursday 17th August 2006 In Which Glenda Spies a Bargain
Thursday 10th August 2006 In Which a Great Sadness Descends
Thursday 3rd August 2006 In Which the President Pikes Out!
Thursday 27th July 2006 In Which we all Lose It
Thursday 20th July 2006 In Which we Have Spring in July
Thursday 13th July 2006
In Which UNO Where we Went
Thursday 6th July
- In Which we get a Police Escort
Thursday 29th June 2006 In Which the Sun Shines While the Wind Howls
Thursday 22nd June 2006 In Which the Rain Goes to Cape Otway
Thursday 15th June 2006 In Which Ross Gains his Stripes
Thursday 8th June 2006 In Which Bruno goes a Bolting
Thursday 1st June In Which Winter Starts with a BANG
Thursday 25th May 2006 In Which we are Taken for a Ride (again)
Thursday 18th May 2006 In Which Disaster Strikes the Peloton
Thursday 4th May 2006
In Which Big Al Unveils His New Toy
Thursday 27th April 2006 In Which I Unleash the HASA
Thursday 20th April 2006 In Which we Encounter a Monster BDOH
Thursday 13th April 2006 - story not supplied
Thursday 6th April 2006 - story not supplied
Thursday 30th March 2006 In Which we learn of Hooter's Heroics
Thursday 23rd March 2006 In Which the Pres Pops a Spoke
Thursday 9th March 2006 In Which Doc Takes the High Road
Thursday 2nd March 2006 - In Which Mal Achieves a PB
Thursday 23rd Feb 2003 In Which Summer ends with a Bang
Thursday 16th Feb 2006
In Which Peter Takes a Short Detour
Thursday 9th Feb 2006
In Which the President Pulls the Plug
Thursday 2nd Feb 2006 In Which John Makes a Frightening Discovery
Tuesday 24th January 2006 In Which we have TWO Fiery Encounters
Thursday 19th Jan 2006 - In Which Punctures Come in Pairs
Thursday 12th Jan 2006 In Which we Take our Business Elsewhere
Thursday 5th Jan 2006 In Which Records Tumble
Thursday 22nd December 2005 In Which we Take Time to Celebrate
Thursday 15th December 2005 In Which we pass a Peloton of Hooters
Thursday 8th December 2005 In Which the Hulk Hits a Snag
Thursday 1st December 2005 In Which we Welcome Back Summer
Thursday 24th November 2005 In Which we Meet Rocky the Raccoon
Tuesday 15th November 2005
In Which Murphy Stayed Home
Thursday 10th November 2005
In Which we Have a Ride in Two Parts
Thursday 3rd November 2005 In Which Everything Comes in Threes
Thursday 20th October 2005
In Which we Take a Risk
Friday 14th October In Which we Watch Other Elite Athletes
Thursday 6th Oct
In Which the President Cops a Faceful
Thursday 29th Sep 2005 In Which Hooters Goes Hiding
Thurs 22nd Sep 2005 In Which Records Tumble (and so does Tubby)
Thurs 15th Sep 2005 In Which we Discover How Many Ghosts it Takes to Change a Tyre
Thursday 8th September 2005 In Which History Repeats Itself
Thursday 1st September 2005 In Which Spring Has Sprung
Thursday 25th August 2005 In Which we Celebrate the End of Spring
Thursday 18th August 2005
In Which we Get a Taste of Spring
Thursday 11th August 2005 In Which we Mourn for Eddy
Thursday 4th August 2005 In Which we Try out a New Trail
Thursday 28th July 2005 In Which we Meet the Incredible Hulk
Thursday 21st July In Which Records are Broken
Thursday 14th July In Which we Survive Midwinter
Tuesday 5th July 2005
In Which Cheryl Does a Doswell
Thursday 30th June 2005 - In Which the Strong come to the Fore
Thursday 23rd June 2005 - In Which we All Stayed Home
Thursday 16th June 2005 - In Which we Meet a Dirty Old Man
Thursday 9th June 2005 In Which we All Hit the Road Together
Thursday 2nd June 2005 - In Which Crasher Cracks It
Thursday 26th May 2005 In Which we Lose the Plot
Thursday 19th May 2005
In Which Crasher Makes (Yet Another) Comeback
Thursday 12th May 2005 - In Which Smoky Does a Bradbury
Wednesday 4th May 2005 In Which "The Fourth is With Uth"
Thursday 28th April 2005 In Which Principles are Temporarily Forsaken
Thursday 21st April 2005 - In Which a New Milestone is Reached
Wednesday 13th April - In Which Roger earns his Colours (Well Almost)
Thursday 7th April - In Which the Warbies Emulate Spinal Tap
Thursday 31st March 2005 - In Which 10 Riders Go Down the Creek
Thursday 24th March 2005 - In Which Crasher Makes a Comeback
Thursday 10th March 2005 - In Which we Meet a "REAL" Ghost
Thursday 3rd March 2005 - In Which we Experience the Perfect TEN.
Thursday 24th Feb 2005 In Which we are Pursued By a TOPLESS Warby Groupie (Whew)
Thursday 17th Feb 2005 - In Which a Weckweational Wider Wuns Over a Wicious Weptile
Thursday 10th Feb 2005 - In Which New Riders Rush to Join the Peloton
Thursday 3rd Feb - In Which Murphy Makes His Presence Felt
Thursday 20th Jan 2005 - In Which we Achieve a Decoloton
Thursday 13th Jan 2005 - In Which we Face a Scorcher
Thursday 16th Dec 2004 - In Which we Introduce Snow White and Her 7 Dorks
Thursday 9th December 2004 - In Which Crasher Unveils His New Bike
Thursday 2nd December 2004 - In Which Crasher Comes a Cropper
Thursday 25th November 2004 In Which we all Enjoy A "Weal Wide"
Tuesday 16th Nov 2004 - In Which we Have a Reptilian Encounter
Wednesday 10th November - In Which we all Make a Backward Move
Thursday 4th November - In Which I Have a Dream
Thursday 28th Oct 2004 - In Which Cheryl Reveals a Secret
Thursday 21st Oct 2004 - In Which we Meet the Oldest Person in the Race
Thursday 14th Oct 2004 - In Which we Have a Weal Weckweational Wide
Wednesday 6th Oct 2004 - In Which we have a Perfect Ride
Thursday 30th Sep 2004 - In Which Bob Has a Rendezvous with a Female Admirer
Tuesday 21st September 2004 - In Which Hooters Finally Takes Leave of His Senses
Thursday 16th September 2004 - In Which the Warbies Make Front Page News
Thursday 9th September 2004 - In Which We Are Stopped by an Angry Posse
Thursday 2nd Septembe 2004 - In Which Spring Fails to Appear
Tuesday 24th August 2004 - In Which More Riders Clutch at Straws
Tuesday 17th August 2004 - In Which the Eyes Have It
Thursday 12th August 2004- In Which Eddy Makes a Comeback
Thursday 5th August 2004 - In Which Peter and I Bravely Go It Alone
Thursday 29th July - In Which Disaster Strikes Twice
Tuesday 20th July 2004 In Which we Welcome a Ghost from the North
Thursday 8th July 2004 In Which we Enjoy Our Day in The Sun
Tuesday 29th June 2004 - In Which we Sink in Deeper & Deeper
Wednesday 23rd June 2004 In Which the Warbies Suffer a Bad Blow
Thursday 17th June 2004 - In Which All were Cold But I was Frozen
Tuesday 8th June 2004 - In Which we Enjoy an Indian Summer
Tuesday 1st June 2004 - In Which we Meet two St Kilda Girls
Thursday 27th May 2004 - In Which we all Enjoy a Clayton's
Wednesday 19th May 2004 - In Which we Meet the Kryptonite Kid
Thursday 13th May 2004 - In Which we Get Passed by a Glacier
Thursday 6th May 2004 - In Which Age Catches Up With Us
Thursday 29th April - In Which Seven Riders Had Seven Crashes
Wednesday 21st April - In Which we See Triple
Wednesday 7th April 2004 In Which we Learn an Amazing Fact about Lance Armstrong
Friday 2nd April 2004 In Which John Makes a Citizen's Arrest (and Bob is the Victim of a Sting)
Tuesday 23rd March 2004 - In Which Bob Performs a Spectacular Blowout
Thursday 18th March 2004 - In Which John Encounters a Snake in the Grass
Thursday 11th March 2004 - In Which a Petulant Ghost Resorts to Sabotage
Thursday 4th March 2004 In Which we Tackle a Thorny Problem
Thursday 26th February 2004 - In Which the President get Propositioned
Tuesday 17th February 2004 In Which we Meet Another New Recruit
Tuesday 10th February 2004 In Which the King Misses His Own Coronation
Wednesday 4th February 2004 In Which we Meet a Singing Legend
Thursday 29th January 2004 In Which we Dance With Danger
Thursday 22nd January 2004 - In Which 5 Ghosts meet a Guest
Wednesday 14th January 2004 - In Which we Induct a New Recruit
Tuesday 6th January 2004 In Which Trouble Comes in Bursts
Thursday 18th December - In Which we do battle with the Phylum Gastropoda (and meet Elmer Fudd)
Thursday 11th December - In Which we are Inspired by a Display of Pure Determination
Thursday 4th December - In Which we Ride by Twilight
Thursday 27th November - In Which we Learn the Boomerang Principle
Wednesday 12th November - In Which we Discover Secret Evidence of an Equine Monster
Thursday 6th November In Which we almost get Recycled
Thursday 30th October
In Which we meet a group of Nude Naval Workers
Wednesday 22nd October In Which we all get Down and Dirty
Friday 3rd October - In Which we are Attacked by a Demented Collingwood Supporter
Thursday 25th September 2003 - In Which we are Joined by an Aggressive Female Riding Companion
Tuesday 9th September 2003 - In Which we meet Tripod
Thursday 4th September 2003 - In Which we See a Horse with a Big Smile
Thursday 28th August 2003 - In Which John suffers an acute attack of Wind
Thursday 7th August 2003 - In Which we Help deliver a Baby !
Thursday 17th July 2003 - In Which the Nos Have It
Thursday 10th July 2003 - In Which Dennis Beats Lance Armstrong
Wednesday 25th June 2003 - In Which a Great Mystery is Revealed
Friday 20th June 2003 - In Which Many Are Cold but We Were Frozen
Tuesday 27th May 2003 - In Which an Invisible Man Appears
Friday 23rd May 2003 - In Which Bob causes a stampede
Tuesday 13th May 2003 - In Which Lazarus Rides from the Bed
Tuesday 6th May 2003 - In Which we are Mauled by a Pack of Huge Beasts
Tuesday 1st April 2003 - In Which a Fool Waves a red Flag in Front of a Bull
Wednesday 26th March 2003 - In Which the Rattler rides again (and we meet Chad Morgan).
Wednesday 12th March 2003 - In Which One of our Bikes Suffers a Catastrophe
Tuesday 4th March 2003 - In Which Mal Fails to Complete yet Another Ride
Tuesday 25th February 2003 - In Which we Enjoy Summer's Last Ride
Tuesday 18th February 2003 - In Which the Riders Take a Beating (and an Unwelcome Enemy makes a Reappearance)
Wednesday 12th February 2003 - In which disaster is narrowly averted
Sunday 2nd February 2003 - In Which a Jinx is Finally Broken
Friday 31st January 2003 - In Which Much Bloodletting Takes Place
Thursday 23rd January 2003 - In Which Mal introduces Mr Whiskers (and we all enjoy another Slow Leak)
Tuesday 14th January 2003 - In Which we all Enjoy a "Slow Leak"
Thursday 9th January 2003 - In which I meet Whistler's Wife
Wednesday 1st January 2003 - In Which TWO new riders join us for the First Time
Saturday 28th December 2002 - A new record peloton!
Tuesday 10th December 2002 - In Which we have a Close Encounter with Snow White and Her 700 Dwarfs
Thursday 28th November 2002 - In Which Mal gets bitten by a Pit Bull !
Tuesday 19th November 2002 - In which John exceeded 20 kph for the first time
Tuesday 12th November 2002 - In Which a nasty shock is received
Thursday 7th November 2002 - In which we see TWO more Loose Cranks !
Tuesday 29th October 2002 - In Which Third Goes AWOL
Thursday 17th October 2002 - In which everything goes round in circles
Thursday 10th October 2002 - In which everything goes PFFFF!
Tuesday 1st October 2002 - In which Johns unveils his new wardrobe
Thursday 26th September 2002 - In which a sausage roll causes a nasty injury
Tuesday 17th September 2002 - In which a storm causes havoc
Thursday 5th September 2002 - In which we are attacked by an evil BDOH
Tuesday 27th August 2002 - In which a catastrophe is narrowly averted
Thursday 22nd August 2002 - In which we all chase a cow
Thursday 15th August 2002 - In which a record is broken
Thursday 8th August 2002 - In which new shoes draw blood
Tuesday 30th July 2002 - In which a loose crank causes havoc
Tuesday 23rd July 2002 - In which 3 old men are seen hiding in the bushes.
Thursday 18th July 2002 - In which Bob Falls off yet again
Thursday 11th July 2002 - In which the Titanic starts to leak
Tuesday 2 July 2002 - In which a ghost appears!

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  • Thurs Aug 6th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 10 am
  • Sat 8th and Sun 9th August - Social Weekend in Echuca - Train from Melbourne
  • Thurs August 13th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Blackburn Lake at 10 am
  • Sat 15th August - Dan's Mystery Ride - start at Lilydale Lake at 10 am
  • Thurs August 20th - Warby Trail Ride - start at Woori Yallock at 10 am
  • Sat August 22nd - Saturday Morning Social Ride - start at Pakenham at 10 am
  • Tues August 25th - Ghostriders 2015 European Rides start
  • Thurs August 27th - Alternate Thursday Ride - start at Malvern East at 10 am
  • Sun August 30th - Upper Yarra Dam Ride - start at Launching Place Pub at 10 am

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